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California Dairies: Protecting Water Quality
California Dairies: Protecting Water Quality
Publication Number: 21630
Copyright Date: 2006
Length: 16 pp.
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-60107-426-3
Author: P. L. Ristow
Inventory Type: Paperback
This handy guide is a primer for consultants, local agencies, and lending institutions that summarizes practical approaches and technologies that have been implemented by progressive dairy producers to protect surface and groundwater quality.

Since each dairy is different, practices must be tailored to each situation. This guide discusses three types of dairies – dairies with irrigated cropland, dairies with non-irrigated pasture and hay fields, and dairies with limited cropland – and outlines a variety of management measures for each. It also summarizes four critical components that progressive dairy producers have successfully implemented to protect water quality.